Welcome to Vasundhara Fashions - a captivating journey blending tradition and style, curated just for you.

Our tale began around 1980's, later the establishment of Vasundhara Shopping Mall in the 1994 in Kothagudem, Andhra Pradesh, India, by the visionary late Thatipalli Lakshmi Narayana. The grand inauguration, graced by the presence of actress Ramya Krishna, marked the beginning of an era in Indian fashion. Through years of dedication and passion, the reins of Vasundhara Shopping Mall were gracefully passed down to his son, Thatipalli Shankar Babu, who continued to nurture and elevate the legacy.

Now, with a vision that transcends borders, Vasundhara Fashions has taken a monumental leap to the United States. Spearheading this global venture is Thatipalli Radhika, the granddaughter of the late Thatipalli Lakshmi Narayana. With her keen eye for design and a deep-seated commitment to upholding family traditions, Radhika has steered Vasundhara Fashions into a new chapter, where the essence of Indian fashion unfolds on an international canvas.

In 2021, we expanded our footprint with the inauguration of our second showroom in Suryapet, Khammam, India. This expansion was fueled by the love and support we received from our cherished patrons. It marked a milestone in our pursuit of bringing the best of Indian fashion to the world.

Vasundhara Fashions is not just a brand; it's a celebration of culture and elegance. Our exquisite collection of Indian clothing caters to customers based in the USA, offering a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary styles. Our pricing reflects our commitment to making Indian fashion accessible without compromising on quality.

The Vasundhara experience extends beyond our showrooms. We have proudly participated in fashion shows, showcasing the timeless beauty of Indian attire. Our collaborations with renowned Indian actresses have added a touch of glamour to our journey, creating a fusion of tradition and celebrity elegance.

At Vasundhara Fashions, every thread tells a story, and every piece reflects the craftsmanship and dedication that have been our hallmark since inception. Join us in this enchanting voyage through the world of Indian fashion, where tradition meets modernity, and style knows no borders. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Look and Feel of Vasundhara Fashions: